Latest Releases

v1.0.0 Beta 10
v1.0.0 Beta 10

Latest Commits

Location of entrypoint for PhotoPrism changed.
Version 2.0.4.
Version 2.2.8.
Version 2.0.9.
Merge pull request #495 from overload-development-community/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/roncli/node-redis-v0.1.14



Recent Steam Games

Infinitode 2
2782 minutes
Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate
170 minutes
67 minutes
Tricky Towers
25 minutes
The Stanley Parable
1 minute

Speedrun Records

#1 Sublevel Zero Any%, Sublevel Zero Redux - Normal, Seeker
#1 Sublevel Zero Any%, Sublevel Zero Redux - Classic, Seeker
#1 Sublevel Zero Low%, Sublevel Zero Redux - Normal, Seeker
#1 Deathstate Insane Sanctification%, Starcreep, Starting Character
#1 Deathstate Insane Sanctification%, Seeker, Starting Character

Crypt of the NecroDancer Records

#2 Bard Deathless (Amplified)
#2 Diamond Deathless (Amplified)
#2 Dorian Hard Seeded Score (Amplified)
#2 Tempo Randomizer Speed (Amplified)
#3 Bard Hard Seeded Score (Amplified)

Final Fantasy XIV Online

Roncli Cli'shae The Heart of the Party
<Six Gaming> Brynhildr (Crystal)
Miqo'te White Mage
Level 90
4115 Achievement Points

Diablo III

Level 70 Seasonal Witch Doctor
Paragon Level 427
1053 Elite Kills

World of Warcraft

Highlord Roncli
<For Honor> Sen'jin
Human Paladin
Level 60
19555 Achievement Points


Hello! You've found the homepage of me, Ronald M. Clifford, also known as roncli or The Nightstalker.

Here, you can check out my music, browse my coding projects, follow along with what games I'm playing, and check out everything else that makes life worth living.
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