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Quadra and 
7/20/05 - For those having a problem compiling quadra in VS.NET 2003, with complaints of not being able to convert DriectX_Video_bitmap* to Video_bitmap, the solution is to go into video_dx.h and change line 36.

class DirectX_Video_bitmap: public Video_bitmap {

6/11/05 - Thanks to Pablo Ortega for finding the compiled 1.1.8 unofficial patch 1. It is now available for download.

2/4/05 - For everyone emailing me for the 1.1.8 patch, it's still there! is outdated (integrated into the source) and has been removed. is for the centiseconds patch. is for the popular floating next pieces patch. Finally, is the no pause in multiplayer hack.

2/7/03 - Yikes. I lost the executables, and have no compiled version of 1.1.8 around here. All I have is the source of my bug fixes. :| Sorry.

10/30/01 - 1.1.8 Unofficial Patch 1 has been released. No updates, just patching the old stuff over the official distribution.
Project Information
Quadra is basically a Tetris game, but it's hardly your basic game. Quadra is different, as its main feature is blocks that will fall as far as they can when a line is cleared. If done right, you can end up with chain reactions of more than 4 lines cleared at one time. The Quadra FAQ explains how this is done, along with all of the basic principles of the game.

But Quadra isn't just great because of the gravity. Quadra has an excellently designed multiplayer gameplay, complete with familiar gaming concepts such as frags and deaths. It's easy for the beginner to pick up what is happening in a game. And the controls in Quadra make for a fast game. Unlike other multiplayer Tetris games, Quadra has no delay between the placement of a block and the beginning of the next piece falling. This can make for a very fast paced game. The fastest Quadra players can place three blocks per second!

Quadra is an open source project. This means that anyone (including me!) can download the source code, make whatever changes they want, and compile it. That sounds kind of scary, thinking that people can go in and make changes that would cause rampant cheating. But that's not the case, as the standard Quadra release, which is used by most dedicated servers, is very good at detecting - and kicking - cheaters.
Quadra and is proud to continue to create patches and make changes to the Quadra source code.

I have a more modernized version of the Quadra FAQ. I have also compiled a list of what needs to be done to Compile Quadra for Microsoft Visual C++ 6. Seems Ludus has given Quadra the shaft for the time being, but you should still be able to download Quadra from here.
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