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Two Year Special

Posted Thursday, March 1st, 2007 9:25:00 pm
Well, it's now been 2 years since I posted this blog. In that time, it's gotten 221 posts full of informative information. That's, informative in the "TMI" sense, most likely.

Anyway, when I went to post #222 on Tuesday, I noticed that Google updated a bit, and added support for something called labels. It's something I've been wanting, a way to categorize my postings. You'll find that label in the bottom right of each post.

To celebrate 2 years and this new addition, I've decided to write one post for each category today! This will not only make up for the gaping two month hole (I could've sworn I posted something in January, I'll have to check Successor when it's back up), it will hopefully motivate me to actually start writing stuff - maybe even DOING stuff - so that this blog remains relatively up to date.

Here's to the next two years!


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