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We don't like Ike

Posted Thursday, September 11th, 2008 4:01:00 pm
Hurricane Ike is swirling around out in the Gulf of Mexico, and this time it has taken aim at the Houston area. Here are some pics, and be warned, they are rather large.

Ike 1: This picture shows just how well Ike is taking aim at the area. The pink dot at the top is where I live.

Ike 2: This picture shows the Houston area, as well as the models that are predicting that Ike will run over it.

Ike 3: The final picture shows the official NHC track along with a nice infrared view of just how freaking large this thing is. It's bigger than Katrina, even though it's still only a category 2 with 100 mile per hour winds. They're expecting a category 3, which would be 115 MPH winds, by landfall. Hurricane winds will extend well inland.

As for me, I haven't decided if I'm leaving yet. Kathy can't, as she's got to deal with working at the police station. In the meantime, there's lots of preparation to take care of tonight.

As of 10 AM, here are Ike's vitals:
Category 2 Hurricane
100 mph, gusts to 120 mph
Moving WNW at 10 mph
Pressure 945 mb
Current expected landfall as per NHC's track forecast: Freeport, TX, which is 38 miles SW of Galveston, and 56 miles east of due south of me in the Galleria area of Houston.


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