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Back to Two Hands - For Now

Posted Thursday, October 13th, 2005 5:34:00 am
My elbow is better today than yesterday. I can put it comfortably into a typing position with little soreness. I can't maintain it for terribly long, however, only lasting a couple hours before I have to call it quits. The medication seems to be helping with the swelling, not that I've noticed any. Hopefully just a few more days, maybe a bit into next week, and I'll be close to normal again. Until then, the pain has been tolerable.

But man, doing things left handed has turned me into a clumsy fool. I can't do ANYTHING left handed without doing it wrong. It was funny when I couldn't eat my soup at Chic-Fil-A without spilling half of it on my shirt. It got old when I couldn't make my iced tea, or cook my rice without getting something everywhere.

Most of the pain right now seems to be just soreness. I try to stretch it a little bit every so often so that my arm actually has some movement and so my shoulder doesn't cramp up, but it's been a challenge all day. Sleeping was okay, but I slept very lightly. Hopefully tonight will be a little better.


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