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Music is Moving

Posted Sunday, May 1st, 2005 2:05:00 pm
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My music is moving... I'm taking it off the main page and sending it over to I'm working on a database-driven site with the intention of using it as a base for my music-related activities. Right now it's only got the oldest and the newest listed, as that is all I have modernized.

Eventually, everything that was musical on (with the exception of my music biography) will show up on this new site. I also want to record acoustical versions of works in progress and past pieces and upload them in a kind of "lounge" section. It'll be a while before everything is up and running, though.

Kathy's been nagging me to put all my old stuff online... Pfft, some of the old stuff doesn't deserve to be online anymore without some major work. I can't even compose much new stuff lately, let alone get the motivation to work on the old stuff. We'll see.


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